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LED Flood Lights

Floodlights are a type of lighting that are designed to provide high amount of artificial lighting to certain area. They are suited to light larger places in and around the home like gardens, houses, driveways, and garages. Commercially flood lights are used to illuminate areas such as arenas, sports fields, business premises, car parks, hotels and signage. Traditionally flood lights come in various sizes, colours and wattages suitable for different situations and areas. Due to recent advancements in LED technology, LED flood lights are now available and increasingly being used as lighting solutions in many commercial and private properties rapidly becoming one of the most popular lighting types used for outdoor lighting.

Home use – These are typically the security lights with motion sensors or regular lights that illuminate garden art objects or houses and even remote sheds and basically everything else that non-commercial users would need to illuminate.

Commercial use – These are usually lights that have a higher power consumption and can illuminate a medium to large areas such as car parks or storefronts but can also have motion sensors for security purposes.