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12V Dimmable LED Driver | 0 - 50W LED Transformer | Varilight

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This low voltage driver is great for  both dimmable  and non-dimmable LED MR16 bulbs as it operates a 12V and has no minimum load compared to typical transformers that have a minimimum load of around 50 watts .  The maximum output of this transfomer is 50 Watts which means this will be suitable for 0 - 10 LED bulbs assuming they no more than 5W each.

If you require dimmable capability please ensure that the selected MR16 or MR11 bulbs are dimmable such as the LEDIFY M16. The recommended dimmer switch is the from the Varilight V-Pro range.
When using cheaper low voltage transformers with LED MR16s you may encountering a buzzing noise coming from either the transformer or the lamp itself. This Varilight transformer is silent with the MR16s we've tested
These drivers are the preferred choice for many electricians whether or not they are to be dimmed. They can be loaded from zero watts to their maximum rating making them ideal for use as a power source for 12V a.c. LED lighting. The key features of VARILIGHT transformers are:-

  • Short circuit survival
  • Auto-resetting overload and over-temperature protection
  • Soft start for extended lamp life
  • Any loading up to the maximum will work. Can be loaded from 0 (ie. total lamp failure) to its maximum rating
  • Dim up to full rating of dimmer with several transformers in parallel per VARILIGHT dimmer module (only 5 when other brands of transformer are used)
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