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12V LED Drivers and Transformers for MR16 GU5.3 and MR11 GU4 LED bulbs & Strip lights

LED drivers are often used to replace older traditional transformers used for 12V Halogen bulbs often used in kitchens, bathrooms, particularly those with lights in the extractor fan, bedrooms and living rooms. As LEDs are very efficient they operate at much lower wattages than traditional bulbs, so 4 watts can produce an equivalent light output as a 50 watt halogen spotlight. The output of some existing transformers is therefore too high for most LED bulbs and can overload them resulting to cause the bulbs to switch off or even fail. LEDs also require a constant current compared to traditional bulbs that work with an alternating current. Although our bulbs have inbuilt circuitry to convert the alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC) the effectiveness will be dependant on the transformer. We recommend in most cases to use a constant current driver to ensure that there is no flickering. Usually there is an individual transformer or driver per bulb with MR16 GU5.3 and MR11 GU4 spotlights. When switching to LED bulbs the existing transformer can be simply switched with a suitable LED transformer

Some more complex lighting is powered by a single transformer with more power. For example a 50W LED driver could power 10 x 5W bulbs. Strip lighting typically operates at 7W per meter so a 5 meter length would require approximately a 35 - 40W LED driver.

If LED bulbs or strip lighting are to be connected together in series or parallel the correct LED driver should be used that matches the required power. To check you have enough power ensure that the LED driver power rating in watts equals or exceed the total bulbs connected. If in doubt please consult a qualified electrician or email us info@leds4less.co.uk and we will be happy to help.

Different LED drivers are required for different environments for example indoor, outdoor use or kitchen or bathroom. If the driver is to be used outside we recommend that a waterproof driver is used with a minimum IP 65 rating. We would also recommend this for kitchens and bathrooms a waterproof driver with a IP67 minimum rating is used. 

In summary a LED driver reduces the power to the bulb pre-longing the life and provides a constant current or voltage ensuring no flickers. Please note that the drivers listed below are for non dimmable bulbs and should not be used with a dimmer switch. For dimmable LED drivers please click here. 

Do you need a LED driver for all LED bulbs?

Some LED bulbs have an inbuilt driver that converts the mains AC into a lower voltage DC. Generally these bulbs work in standard fittings such as bayonet (B22), edison screw (E27), GU10. MR11, MR16 and strip lighting operate typically at 12V or 24V and would need a suitable driver. 

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