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50W Dimmable GU10 | Cool White LED Bulb | Halogen 50-60W Equivalent 490 lumens

Cool White Dimmable LED GU10
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More Information
*New Product - Cool White Dimmable GU10*
Product Details
Working Voltage 220-240V Lumens 490lm
Power 4.5W Colour Cool White
Base of Lamp GU10 Equivalent To 50-60W
Quantity of LED Chips 24 Epistar SMD LED chips Dimmable Yes
Dimensions 50mm x L60mm CE and RoHS Certified Yes
Beam Angle 60° Estimated Lifespan 50,000 hrs
We aim is to provide the most energy efficient replacements for traditional lighting with zero compromise on quality or functionality.  Our dimmable (SMD LED) gu10 bulbs are therefore a standard size and a direct replacement for your existing 50W Halogen GU10 bulbs. Although they may initially be more expensive to purchase than a standard bulb, the benefits very quickly offset the purchase costs.

Our dimmable LED gu10 bulbs have a life expectancy of up to 50,000 hours compared to the standard halogen which gives only 2000 hours. If left on for 8 hours a day 2,000 hours equates to only 249 days and in many cases a halogen replacement is needed much sooner. In comparison 50,000 hours equates to over 17 years.

Each 4.5W Dimmable SMD GU10 LED  bulb features 24 individual Epistar 5050 SMD LEDs that are protected with a clear glass cover and produces a light output of 490 lumens which is equivalent to a 50+ watt halogen bulb. Our LED bulbs have been designed with a 60 degree beam angle to provide maximum light output.

These gu10 LED bulbs are one of the most efficient available working at only 4.5 watts, and although the bulbs appear to be very similar, many competitors’ LED bulbs only manage to produce 300 lumens or less at this wattage. There is the potential to reduce your lighting electricity consumption by over 90%. Due to the efficiency of the product and our pricing structure it has enabled our customers to experience a very short payback period, typically less than 6 months based on a usage of 8 hours per day. A higher usage would shorten the payback.

By making this investment you are the saving on electricity, and replacement costs whilst reducing your carbon footprint year after year. Please see our cost saving example.

These gu10 dimmable LED bulbs are available in Warm White only.

Warm White is an ideal match to traditional Halogen 50W bulbs and produces a more warm yellow light with a colour temperature 2700K.

Cool White produces a very white light with a slight blue tint often used in commercial environments or to create a very modern look with a colour temperature of 6500K

Please look at the video for this product to see the comparison between a traditional halogen and our product. 

We guarantee that you will not be disappointed with the quality of the product.

Important Please Note
Although our dimmable LED bulbs may be compatible with some  existing dimmers  it is recommended to avoid any flickers that a specialized “Trailing edge” dimmer switch that reduces the current flow to zero is used to also give the full dimmable range. Normal dimmer switches are leading edge and have a minimum load of 40 Watts that means to dim the bulbs fully more that 10 gu10 bulbs would be required due to the low power consumption. When using dimmable gu10 LED bulbs we recommend our Varilight V - Pro LED dimmer switch.

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