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The Bayonet or B22 fitting is one of the most popular light fittings in the UK. It is also known as a B22 socket as the space between the connectors is 22mm wide. Traditionally bulbs have been known as incandescent where electricity passes through a filament coil that glows and gives off light. The amount of light produced is directly related to the power consumed so a 100w bulb is brighter than a 60W that is brighter than a 40W and so on. Due to advancements in technology the halogen bulb was introduced that produced a brighter and better quality of light for similar power. One main issue with traditional bulbs was the efficiency as lot of the power used was wasted as heat instead of light. To tackle this issue the first generation energy savers were introduced that operated at a lower wattage such as 20W but produced the light output of 60W and 100W. However due to the compact florescent technology used , these bulbs suffered from a long warm up time, flickering and also were not atheistically designed. LED technology has rapidly evolved in the last few years to provide genuine equivalents to traditional bulbs. Instant on is one of the most noticeable features due zero warm up time. LED technology has been evolving for many years and has been adopted for TV, monitors, car headlights and many other applications. Please have a look at our selection of bayonet b22 bulbs and our videos showing side by side comparisons with traditional bulbs.