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LED Dimmer Module | Intelligent Trailing Edge Dimmer-switch | V-Pro VARILIGHT

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At LEDS4LESS we often get asked the following questions. 
  • I am switching over to dimmable LED bulbs and am happy with the look of the existing dimmer is there solution?
  • I already have a dimmer switch but it is not LED compatible do I need a new one?
  • My dimmer switch is leading edge but I need trailing edge do I need a whole new switch?
  • Can I take the module out of a V pro dimmer switch and put it in an existing fitting?  
This retofit dimmer switch manufactered by Varilight is the solution to the above questions. 

Ideal for most dimmable LEDs

Varilight V-Pro Series Classic White Plastic, 1 Gang (Single), 1 or 2 Way 400 Watt Push on/Push off (Trailing Edge) Dimmer switch with White Knob.


V-Pro dimmers are suitable for mains lighting, most dimmable electronic transformers and with a 10W minimum load are suitable for dimmable low energy lighting, including most dimmable LEDs.

This dimmer switch features V-Pro intelligent load detection which enables it to adapt to many different types of lighting load.

When the dimmer is switched on it will detect the load and adjust its dimming pattern accordingly. Should you decide to change your lighting at some time in the future then the dimmer will detect the change and adapt its dimming pattern.

Controlled by a micro-processor, they offer sophisticated overload protection. This means that if you mistakenly connect your dimmer to too many lights or transformers it will protect itself from failure by turning the lights down or off until the load is corrected.

This switch is suitable for:
  • Mains voltage incandescent GLS or candle-shaped bulbs;
  • Good quality dimmable electronic low voltage transformers (including those requiring trailing-edge control)
  • GU10 or similar good quality mains halogen bulbs
  • Dimmable CFLs
  • Most dimmable LEDs

Please see the video below - How to program the dimmer.
The new V-Pro dimmers can operate in both trailing edge and leading edge modes depending on your lighting. For dimmable LED lighting trailing edge is usually the most suitable. The minimum brightness can also be adjusted to give the optimum dimming range stopping any flicking when dimming to the lowest level.

How do you program a Varilight V-Pro dimmer switch?

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