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LED Dimmer Switch | 2 Gang | Intelligent Trailing-Edge | Touch & Remote Control | VARILIGHT

Product Code: VLIJCI102
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More Information
VARILIGHT dimmer switches have an industry-wide reputation for exceptional performance, long life and innovation at attractive prices. The VARILIGHT V-Pro Touch and Remote Dimmer Series has been perfectly designed to dim a range of different fittings and especially good for most quality dimmable LED bulbs.

As the name suggests, you can dim these dimmers by touch or alternatively using a remote control (Remote control sold seperately).

The dimmers are easily programmable so it is possible to dim your lights with a spare button on an existing remote control, for example a Sky or TV remote.

This dimmer is a Master dimmer. One Master dimmer is required per circuit and if the circuit is 2 or more way, then V-Pro IR Slave dimmers must be used for the additional switch/dimmer locations. 

Technical Specification
2 Gang (Single), 1 or 2 Way or Multi-way 200 Watt Touch/Remote Master Dimmer, (Trailing Edge), Classic Polished Chrome (also known as Classic Mirror Chrome)

The V-Pro Infra Red dimmer switches have Soft Start Technology which reduces the powersurge that can sometimes cause LED light to be overloaded and subsequently not light. It does this by increasing the lamps brightness gradually when the dimmer initially  is switched on. This creates a welcoming effect and can also extend the life span of the bulbs connected.

There is a lot more circuitry contained in this dimer than a standard dimmer switch. It is equipped with self resetting overload protection, so is able to handle overload situations, for example if the wattage of the bulbs are accidentally too high on a circuit. The dimmer achieves this by cutting out before there is any damage , until the load  is reduced. The dimmers also contain a temperature sensor which helps prevent the dimmer becoming too hot.

Please see the video below - How to program the dimmer.
The new V-Pro dimmers can operate in both trailing edge and leading edge modes depending on your lighting. For dimmable LED lighting trailing edge is usually the most suitable. The minimum brightness can also be adjusted to give the optimum dimming range stopping any flicking when dimming to the lowest level.

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