Sustainability Policy Statement

At LEDS4LESS we are committed to the objectives of sustainable development and to achieving environmental best practice throughout our business activities. We recognise that in pursuit of economic growth and in meeting the needs of our clients, customers and other stakeholders, sustainability is vital in delivering sustainable lighting solutions.

Sustainability can be defined as “...the maintenance and enhancement of environmental, social and economic resources, in order to meet the needs of current and future generations.”
The three components of sustainability are:

Environment: As a company we will aim to reduce our direct environmental impacts particularly those associated with the use of resources and generation of waste. In our offices we will ensure that energy is used efficiently, the procurement of environmental and sustainable materials will be encouraged and we will ensure that the waste generated from our activities is minimised, reused where possible and segregated for recycling where facilities are available.

Social: We aim to continue to promote safety, wellbeing, training, non-discrimination and charity to increase confidence and moral across a healthy diverse community. 

Economic: Our aim is to sell quality products at the best price to meet our customer demands and ensure sustainable economic growth.  We will continue to improve our systems and processes focusing on increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

As a company we are committed to seeking continual environmental improvement and we aim to achieve this through the setting of objectives and targets, environmental audits and management reviews. We will ensure all our activities are carried out in an environmentally sound manner to reduce the risk of pollution and ensure compliance with all relevant environmental legal and other requirements.

This policy is communicated to all employees through training and via our Intranet. It is also communicated to our Clients and all supply chain partners working on behalf of the company. The policy is made available to the public via our website.